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*Soothing, Calming, Relaxing

*Like a Warm Hug

*Helps you to get to sleep and stay asleep!

"Can A Weighted Blanket Speed

Athletic Recovery?"

"In a word: Absolutely. Muscles that have been pushed to the max need time to rest. But they can’t do that if you’re stressed out or tossing and turning because of discomfort. A weighted blanket means more restful sleep, and that translates to relaxed, healing muscles and tissue in the body. If your HIIT or CrossFit workouts are leaving you sore and drained the next day, that’s nothing a good recovery supplement and a weighted blanket can’t fix.

So it’s far more than just a fad; weighted blankets are a full-blown trend because—bottom line—they work. If you’re getting out of bed achy, sore, or grumpy, get yourself a weighted blanket today. Your body will recover faster, your mind will be sharper, and everyone around you will thank you.

The market is flush with weighed blankets these days; here are a few of our favorites—some of them are even on sale.

One of the hottest trends in sleep therapy right now, weighted blankets, are far more than just a fad. Clinical studies have proven that through firm, deep pressure stimulation, weighted blankets result in deeper and more satisfying, more restful sleep. It’s simple, really. The weight of a heavy blanket provides a cocooning sensation, and the material inside the blanket produces a stroking, soothing tactile sensation when you move.

Hospitals have used weighted blankets as a natural stress reliever for decades. Studies prove that not only does it calm nerves, the weight sensation actually increases serotonin and melatonin levels and decreases cortisol levels in the brain—improving your mood and promoting restful sleep at the same time. Along with feeling better rested, you wake up feeling happier and less stressed."

What are you getting?

When you go into a department store to buy a blanket, do you know what you are buying?  What is the correct weight for you?  Do you like the fabric it is made of?  I will work with you to take the guess work out of getting a weighted blanket.  In my store, you can even try on a weighted blanket! 

Take a look.

Custom Made

Each blanket is custom made just for you.  The weight is what make these work and is the most important aspect to get right.  I work with you and use your weight, size, age, and your input, to make sure your blanket is right for you.


Weighted blankets are therapeutic.  The blankets can help with PTSD, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Parkinson's, Sleeplessness and so much more.

Face to Face Customer Service

Even though all the big stores are carrying weighted blankets, getting the right one is important.  I will work with you one to one to make sure your blanket is the right weight, just for you.  Also, You Get To Choose The Fabric and the cover is included in the price!  Take a look at the fabric selection page.

6 Years Experience

Both of my boys are on the Autism Spectrum.  I have 19 years of working with special needs and is the reason I started making weighted blankets.  I have been making them for over five years.  I also make weighted lap pads and collars,  and I can take some special orders.

Microwave Rice Heating Pads

Rice heating pads are so easy to use and you can use them any where there is a microwave: home, office, hotels...

Just heat it until it is comfortable for you and start using it.

They are flexible so you can use them on your neck and shoulders, back, knee, or any where you need heat to help

sooth sore muscles.

Each one comes with a removable cover that is machine was and dry.  You get to choose the cove!

If you like and receive benefit from your

item(s), please go to my contacts page and write a review.  People love to read reviews!  Thank you.



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